Cool Sundog Beanie

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Cold weather doesn't have to be a pain the ears! Equip a Cool Sundog Beanie and you'll be ready to battle frigid temperatures, or shield your head from snowy elements. A sundog burns on the front of the beanie -- blue and orange tones blend together, just like a prismatic curtain.


Product Details


  • Beanie lining: bamboo (mild) or cotton (warm)
  • Outer shell made from quick-dry spun polyester
  • Fade resistant
  • Professionally printed and sewn in Montreal, Canada



Beanies Sizes


  • Adult small
  • Adult medium
  • Adult large
  • Youth small
  • Youth large
  • Baby small
  • Baby large


Product variant lining colors


  • Black
  • Heather gray
  • Chocolate



      Cool sundog beanie feels like a cloud sitting on your head. Enough said.


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      10 day production time (plus shipping period)


      Beanie design inspired by an authentic sundog photograph (image included in the gallery)