Cool Sundog Acrylic Print (16" x 16")

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Let your friends and family know how cool you are. Pick a spot in your room and hang a Cool Sundog acrylic print. Sundogs are colorful, atmospheric phenomena which occur during specific weather conditions. Not anymore. You can own your own sundog, and guess what? You'll never have to feed it. Acrylic print is an authentic sundog photograph.



Product Details


  • Made with ACRYLITE® (acrylic/plexiglass)
  • Weather resistant, and a brillant, transpatent surface
  • Do you like shiny things? Surface is reflective and has high-definition results
  • Floating mount installed to the back panel. Ready to hang.
  • Easy care: wipe with a mild glass cleaner
  • Print size: 16" x 16"


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