Colorful Sky Arc Beanie

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What's more natural than atmospheric fashion? The sky is like a canvas, and Mother Nature paints with the forces which hold the universe together.

A circumhorizontal arc is a type of ice halo that forms when the Sun rises 58 degrees from the horizon. These types of arcs are usually located beneath the Sun. Icy particles in the air refract sunlight into a curtain of kaleidoscopic colors.


Choose your lining:

  • Bamboo (mild)
  • Cotton (warm)


  • Outer shell made from quick-dry spun polyester
  • Color Resistant (No fading)


You always wanted to control the weather, right? Now is your chance! Add the Colorful Sky Arc Beanie to your collection of PDG apparel, and you'll soon be able to fill your closet with the optical wonders of the sky. 


  • All beanies are fresh out of the oven (printed & professionally sewn when ordered)
  • Printing can take up to 10 business days (plus shipping period)
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  • If you're not satisfied with your order, please contact matthew@prettydamngraphick