Cirrously Hot Fitted Skirt

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These skirts are tight and right. If the occasion demands you look your best, then don't settle for ordinary fabric. Cirrously Hot Fitted Skirts drape above the knee, which means you can stroll into your office or classroom, while maintaining your pristine professionalism.

  • Milled in Montreal
  • Sweatshop Free
  • All fitted skits are professionally sewn and Inspected

Strands of puffy filaments decorate these fitted skirts, and an azure sky punctuates the space between the cloud formation. The skirt design was inspired and created from a photograph of a cirrus cloud.

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Wanna feel what it's like to wear a cloud? What are you waiting for? Order now and reserve a spot in your closet.


  • All dresses inspected 3 times to ensure superior quality.
  • Fabric cut and sewn (no sweatshop)


All dresses take 5-10 business days (estimation). Products ship to US customers in 2-6 business days. Products ship to Canadian customers in 2-8 business days. Products ship internationally in 10-15 business days (no tracking number available for international orders). Business days Monday through Friday.


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