Cirrously Hot Bodycon Dress

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You have a date this Friday and you have nothing to wear. The solution is simple: wear a cloud. PrettyDamnGraphick brings the sky down to Earth, so now if your chance to wear something made by Mother Nature. Literally. Well...kind of.

  • Milled in Montreal
  • Micro-knit smooth fabric
  • Sweatshop free!
  • Professionally Sewn

A cirrus cloud formation wraps around the entire bodycon dress.

  • Free Shipping!
  • Five available sizes


All dresses take 5-10 business days to cut and sew (estimation). Products ship to US customers in 2-6 business days. Products ship to Canadian customers in 2-8 business days. Products ship internationally in 10-15 business days (no tracking number available for international orders). Business days Monday through Friday.


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